WSDM 2010

Third ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining

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3-6 February 2010 -- New York City, USA

WSDM 2010

WSDM (pronounced "wisdom") is a young ACM conference intended to be the publication venue for research in the areas of search and data mining. Indeed, the pace of innovation in these areas prevents proper coverage by conferences of broader scope. The high attendance at the first two WSDMs, held at Stanford University and Barcelona in February 2008 and 2009, has confirmed community interest in a more focused venue.

WSDM publishes original, high quality submissions related to search and data mining on the Web, with an emphasis on practical but principled novel models of search and retrieval, algorithm design and analysis, economics implications, and in-depth experimental analysis of accuracy and performance.

WSDM is co-sponsored by ACM SIGIR, SIGKDD, SIGMOD, and SIGWEB.

4 Feb: WSDM Presentations to be Recorded by

23 Jan: Best Paper Nominees

Today we announce our best paper nominees:

  • A Model to Estimate Document Relevance from the Clickthrough Logs of a Web Search Engine
    Georges Dupret and Ciya Liao
  • Boilerplate Detection using Shallow Text Features
    Christian Kohlschütter, Peter Fankhauser and Wolfgang Nejdl
  • Pairwise Interaction Tensor Factorization for Personalized Tag Recommendation
    Steffen Rendle and Lars Schmidt-Thieme
  • Large Scale Query Log Analysis of Re-Finding
    Sarah Tyler and Jaime Teevan

Congratulations to the authors of all four papers!

2 Jan: Early Registration Deadline Postponed

To give people time to get back after the new year, we have postponed the deadline for early registration rates to Friday, January 8. Note that conference hotel deadlines are still January 4 and 6!

1 Jan: Speaking Schedule Posted

The conference schedule has been updated with speaking schedules.

21 Dec: WSDM2010 Keynote Speakers Revealed

We are pleased to announce that Susan Athey (chief economist at Microsoft and professor at Harvard) and Soumen Chakrabarti (associate professor at IIT Bombay and web mining book author) will be delivering the keynotes at this year's conference.

9 Dec: Registration Open

Registration for WSDM 2010 and SSM 2010 is now open. Conference hotel information is also online.

24 Nov: Web site online

The new web site is now live, but watch for many changes to come. Registration costs are announced, but actual registration awaits ACM approval.

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