WSDM 2010

Third ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining

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3-6 February 2010 -- New York City, USA

Accepted papers

  • fLDA: Matrix Factorization through Latent Dirichlet Allocation
    Deepak Agarwal and Bee-Chung Chen
  • An Optimization Framework for Query Recommendation
    Aris Anagnostopoulos, Luca Becchetti, Carlos Castillo and Aristides Gionis
  • Learning Similarity Metrics for Event Identification in Social Media
    Hila Becker, Mor Naaman and Luis Gravano
  • Learning Concept Importance Using a Weighted Dependence Model
    Michael Bendersky, Donald Metzler and W. Bruce Croft
  • Ranking with Query-Dependent Loss for Web Search
    Jiang Bian, Tie-Yan Liu, Tao Qin and Hongyuan Zha
  • Adaptive Weighing Designs for Keyword Value Computation
    John Byers, Michael Mitzenmacher and Georgios Zervas
  • Early Exit Optimizations for Additive Machine Learned Ranking Systems
    Berkant Barla Cambazoglu, Hugo Zaragoza and Olivier Chapelle
  • Coupled Semi-Supervised Learning for Information Extraction
    Andrew Carlson, Justin Betteridge, Richard Wang, Estevam R. Hruschka Jr. and Tom Mitchell
  • Measuring the Reusability of Test Collections
    Ben Carterette, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Vanja Josifovski and Donald Metzler
  • Personalized Click Prediction in Sponsored Search
    Haibin Cheng and Erick Cantu-Paz
  • Query Reformulation Using Anchor Text
    Van Dang and Bruce Croft
  • Towards Recency Ranking in Web Search
    Anlei Dong, Yi Chang, Zhaohui Zheng, Gilad Mishne, Jing Bai, Karolina Buchner, Ruiqiang Zhang, Ciya Liao and Fernando Diaz
  • Adapting Information Bottleneck Method for Automatic Construction of Domain-oriented Sentiment Lexicon
    Weifu Du and Songbo Tan
  • Cumulating Relevance: A Model to Estimate Document Relevance from the Clickthrough Logs
    Georges Dupret and Ciya Liao
  • Leveraging Temporal Dynamics of Document Content in Relevance Ranking
    Jonathan Elsas and Susan Dumais
  • On Compressing the Textual Web
    Paolo Ferragina and Giovanni Manzini
  • Corroborating Information from Disagreeing Views
    Alban Galland, Serge Abiteboul, Amélie Marian and Pierre Senellart
  • Anatomy of the Long Tail: Ordinary People with Extraordinary Tastes
    Sharad Goel, Andrei Broder, Evgeniy Gabrilovich and Bo Pang
  • Learning Influence Probabilities In Social Networks
    Amit Goyal, Francesco Bonchi and Laks V. S. Lakshmanan
  • Beyond DCG: User Behaviour as a Predictor of a Successful Search
    Ahmed Hassan, Rosie Jones and Kristina Klinkner
  • Tagging Human Knowledge
    Paul Heymann, Andreas Paepcke and Hector Garcia-Molina
  • Improving Ad Relevance in Sponsored Search
    Dustin Hillard, Stefan Schroedl, Eren Manavoglu, Hema Raghavan and Chris Leggetter
  • Boilerplate Detection using Shallow Text Features
    Christian Kohlschütter, Peter Fankhauser and Wolfgang Nejdl
  • Precomputing Search Features for Fast and Accurate Query Classification
    Arnd Konig, Venkatesh Ganti and Xiao Li
  • Robust and Scalable Techniques for De-duplication of Web Pages using URLs
    Hema Swetha Koppula, Krishna P. Leela, Krishna Prasad Chitrapura, Sachin Garg and Amit Sasturkar
  • Evolution Analysis of Two-Sided Markets
    Ravi Kumar, Yury Lifshits and Andrew Tomkins
  • Early Online Identification of Attention Gathering Items In Social Media
    Michael Mathioudakis, Nick Koudas and Peter Marbach
  • You are who you know: Inferring user profiles in Online Social Networks
    Alan Mislove, Bimal Viswanath, Krishna Gummadi and Peter Druschel
  • IntervalRank - Isotonic Regression with Listwise and Pairwise Constraints
    Taesup Moon, Alex Smola, Yi Chang and Zhaohui Zheng
  • Automatic generation of bid phrases for online advertising
    Sujith Ravi, Andrei Broder, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Vanja Josifovski, Sandeep Pandey and Bo Pang
  • Pairwise Interaction Tensor Factorization for Personalized Tag Recommendation
    Steffen Rendle and Lars Schmidt-Thieme
  • Ranking Mechanisms in Twitter-Like Forums
    Anish Das Sarma, Atish Das Sarma, Sreenivas Gollapudi and rina panigrahy
  • A Sketch-Based Distance Oracle for Web-Scale Graphs
    Atish Das Sarma, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Marc Najork and Rina Panigrahy
  • Folks in folksonomies: Social link prediction from shared metadata
    Rossano Schifanella, Alain Barrat, Ciro Cattuto, Benjamin Markines and Filippo Menczer
  • GeoFolk: Latent spatial semantics in Web 2.0 social media
    Sergej Sizov
  • Gathering and Ranking Photos of Named Entities with High Precision, High Recall, and Diversity
    Bilyana Taneva, Mouna Kacimi and Gerhard Weikum
  • Large Scale Query Log Analysis of Re-Finding
    Sarah Tyler and Jaime Teevan
  • Inferring Search Behaviors Using Partially Observable Markov (POM) Model
    Kuansan Wang, Nikolas Gloy and Xiaolong Li
  • TwitterRank: Finding Topic-sensitive Influential Twitterers
    Jianshu Weng, Ee-peng Lim, Jing Jiang and Qi He
  • I tag, You tag: Translating tags for advanced user models
    Robert Wetzker, Carsten Zimmermann and Christian Bauckhage
  • Improving Quality of Training Data for Learning to Rank Using Click-Through Data
    Jingfang Xu, Chuanliang Chen, Gu Xu and Hang Li
  • SBotMiner: Large Scale Search Bot Detection
    Fang Yu, Yinglian Xie and Qifa Ke
  • Revisiting Globally Sorted Indexes for Efficient Document Retrieval
    Fan Zhang, Shuming Shi, Hao Yan and Ji-Rong Wen
  • Data-oriented Content Query System: Searching for Data into Text on the Web
    Mianwei Zhou, Tao Cheng and Kevin Chang
  • A Novel Click Model and Its Applications to Online Advertising
    Zeyuan Allen Zhu, Weizhu Chen, Tom Minka, Chenguang Zhu and Zheng Chen

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