Program overview

WSDM 2017 has a comprehensive program with 3 keynotes, 4 invited talks for Practice & Experience Track, paper presentations, 5 workshops, 3 tutorials, a doctoral consortium and a Startup Day. A PDF version of the conference booklet with the full program is available for offline reading.

February 6: Startup Day, Tutorials and Doctoral consortium
TutorialsStartup DayDoctoral consortium
LocationCommittee Room 1Council ChambersLarge HallSmall Lecture Room
09:00-10:30Social Media Anomaly Detection: Challenges and SolutionsNeural Text Embeddings for Information Retrieval09:00-10:30Startup Day08:30-10:30Doctoral consortium
10:30-11:00Coffee Break10:30-11:00Coffee Break10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:30Social Media Anomaly Detection: Challenges and SolutionsNeural Text Embeddings for Information Retrieval11:00-15:30Startup Day11:00-12:30Doctoral consortium
12:30-14:00Lunch12:30-13:30Working lunch (boxed) and discussions
14:00-15:30Utilizing Knowledge Graphs in Text-centric Information Retrieval13:30-18:00Doctoral consortium
15:30-16:00Coffee Break15:30-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-17:30Utilizing Knowledge Graphs in Text-centric Information Retrieval16:00-18:35Startup Day
18:00Wrap-up (WSDM Social/beer)
19:00Reception (Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology)
February 7: Main Conference Day 1 (Large Hall)
09:00-10:00Keynote 1: Ricardo Baeza-Yates
Slides: Ten Years of Wisdom.
10:00-10:40Coffee break + posters
10:40-12:30Paper presentations: Social and Information Networks
14:00-15:40Paper presentations: Information Retrieval
15:40-16:20Coffee break + posters
16:20-17:10P&E keynote 1: Nick Craswell
17:10-18:10Paper presentations: Time, Space and Crowds
February 8: Main Conference Day 2 (Large Hall)
09:00-10:00Keynote 2: Claire Cardie
10:00-10:40Coffee break + posters
10:40-12:30Paper presentations: Text and Knowledge Mining
14:00-15:40Paper presentations: Networks and Recommendation
15:40-16:20Coffee break + posters
Paper presentations: Social Networks and Graphs
P&E keynote 2: Ralf Herbrich
Slides: Machine learning @ Amazon
18:15Bus pickup to banquet on west side of the Guildhall
19:15Banquet (Ely Cathedral)
February 9: Main Conference Day 3 (Large Hall)
09:00-10:00Keynote 3: Steve Young
Slides: Statistical Spoken Dialogue Systems and the Challenges for Machine Learning.
10:00-10:40Coffee break + posters
10:40-11:30P&E keynote 3: Anjali Joshi
11:30-12:30Paper presentations: Ads, Time, Space, A/B Testing
12:30-13:40Business Lunch
13:40-14:00WSDM cup winner
14:00-15:40Paper presentations: ML, Embeddings and Tensors
15:40-16:20Coffee break + posters
16:20-17:20Paper presentations: New Search Models
17:25-18:10P&E keynote 4: Andrew Blake
18:10Conference close