Call for Industry Day Speakers

The Industry Day event will take place on the first day of the WSDM conference, Monday Feb 11 2019, in Melbourne, Australia.

We invite submissions for industry talk proposals. Submissions should include:

  • Title and abstract;
  • Speaker's bio;
  • (optional, but strongly recommended) Links to video of previous technical talks given by the speaker. In case no such recordings exist, we encourage the speaker to make a recording of a part of the proposed talk for the purpose of this submission.

The proposals should be sent to

Important Dates

Submissions due October 26, 2018
Notifications November 9, 2018

The Industry Day program will consist of 30-minute talks by industry researchers. WSDM is a technical conference, so preference will be given to talks describing applied algorithms and technical challenges rather than product presentations.

In addition:

  • Subject to the permission of the speakers (which will be sought program finalization), all Industry Day talks will be recorded and made available to the public following the conference.
  • The audience will vote for the presentations they like.
  • The Best Industry Day Talk award based on the results of the popular vote will be announced at the banquet.

The theme this year is "Long Term vs Short Term in Applied Research". From the outset, the fields of web search and data mining have had strong impact on industry. Over the years, much of the research at WSDM was either initially presented with industry applications or was later applied there. In research, the results are not known at the outset (as opposed to development where the desired result may be known but not the path there). By its nature, research is high risk and long term; in contrast, industrial research often occurs under tight time and resource constraints. The work can include disappointments, backtracking, and failures. We invite talks describing the practicalities of research in such applied settings. We especially welcome talks on:

  1. results that are unexpected, serendipitous, or even disappointing;
  2. both beneficial and adverse effects of research within an enterprise;
  3. challenges incorporating research in a commercial organization, such as
    • incorporating research processes in the mindset of a business;
    • initiating new research within an established business;
  4. research trade-offs under tight constraints, such as
    • compromises on the path from perfect theory to delivered results;
    • simple heuristics addressing complex problems;
    • performing research in fast-changing environments, such as early stage start-ups.

Industry Day chairs

Gold Industry Day Supporter


  • Key Dates

  • Workshop Notification of accepted authors (no later than) 1 December 2018
  • Early bird registration deadline 8 December 2018
  • On time registration deadline 8 February 2019
  • WSDM conference 11-15 February 2019