Accepted Demos

Session 1:

Classification, Clustering and Representation Learning, Ecommerce, Experiments, Society, Recommender systems, Networks:

I2PS: An Online Item Intelligent Publishing System in Consumer to Consumer (C2C) Transaction Platform.

Lei Tian, Nanyang Wang, Pan Pan, Bin Wang and Yinghui Xu

FinSense: An Assistant System for Financial Journalists and Investors.

Yi-Ting Liou, Chung-Chi Chen, Tsun-Hsien Tang, Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen

TwiScraper : A collaborative project to enhance Twitter data collection.

Didier Henry Personality-Driven Content Generation Platform.

Aleksandr Farseev, Qi Yang, Andrey Filchenkov, Kirill Lepikhin, Yu-Yi Chu-Farseeva and Daron-Benjamin Loo

ColorfulFeedback: Enhancing Interest Prediction Performance through Multi-dimensional Labeled Feedback from Users.

Yuki Maeda, Shuji Yamaguchi, Tatsuru Higurashi and Kota Tsubouchi

WULAI-QA: Web Understanding and Learning with AI towards Document-based Question Answering against COVID-19.

Yuan Zhang, Xiaoqing Zhang, Yichuan Hu, Guanchun Wang and Rui Yan

Category Recognition in E-Commerce using Sequence-to-Sequence Hierarchical Classification.

Idan Hasson, Slava Novgorodov, Gilad Fuchs and Yoni Acriche

AnaSearch: Extract, Retrieve and Visualize Structured Results from Unstuctured Text for Analytical Queries.

Tongliang Li, Lei Fang, Jian-Guang Lou and Zhoujun Li

A Practical Federated Learning Framework for Small Numbers of Stakeholders.

Saikishore Kalloori

GPR: Global Personalized Restaurant Recommender System Leveraging Billions of Financial Transactions.

Mangesh Bendre, Mahashweta Das, Fei Wang and Hao Yang

Birdspotter: A Tool for Analyzing and Labeling Twitter Users.

Rohit Ram, Quyu Kong and Marian-Andrei Rizoiu

Session 2:

Explainability and Intervention, Fairness, Knowledge, Ranking, Search and Recommendation, Web Analysis, Temporal data and forecasting:

A Semantic Layer Querying Tool.

Renato Stoffalette Joao

AttentionFlow: Visualising Influence in Networks of Time Series.

Minjeong Shin, Alasdair Tran, Siqi Wu, Alexander Mathews, Rong Wang, Georgiana Lyall and Lexing Xie

Providing Actionable Feedback in Hiring Marketplaces using Generative Adversarial Networks.

Daniel Nemirovsky, Nicolas Thiebaut, Ye Xu and Abhishek Gupta

evently: A Toolkit for Analyzing Online Users via Reshare Cascade Modeling.

Quyu Kong, Rohit Ram and Marian-Andrei Rizoiu

Data-Sharing Economy: Value-Addition from Data meets Privacy.

Piyush Bagad, Subrata Mitra, Sunny Dhamnani, Atanu Sinha, Raunak Gautam and Haresh Khanna

Community Connect: A Mock Social Media Platform to Study Online Behavior.

Khyati Mahajan, Sourav Roy Choudhury, Sara Levens, Tiffany Gallicano and Samira Shaikh

Privacy Monitoring Service for Conversations.

Qiongkai Xu, Chenchen Xu and Lizhen Qu

WoMG: a Library for Word-of-Mouth Cascades Generation.

Federico Cinus, Francesco Bonchi, Corrado Monti and André Panisson

Real-time Streaming of Gait Assessment for Parkinson's Disease.

Cristopher Flagg, Ophir Frieder, Sean Macavaney and Gholam Motamedi

All the Wiser: Fake News Intervention Using User Reading Preferences.

Shih-Chieh Dai, Kuan-Chieh Lo, Aiping Xiong, Jing Jiang and Lun-Wei Ku

CHARMED: Exploring Personal Knowledge Extraction from Conversations

Anna Tigunova, Paramita Mirza, Andrew Yates and Gerhard Weikum