Tuesday, February 22nd

Dai Quoc Nguyen, Vinh Tong, Dinh Phung and Dat Quoc Nguyen

PrivacyCheck v3: Empowering Users with Higher-Level Understanding of Privacy Policies

Razieh Nokhbeh Zaeem, Ahmad Ahbab, Josh Bestor, Hussam Djadi, Sunny Kharel, Victor Lai, Nick Wang and Suzanne Barber

Automating ETL and Mining of Ethereum Blockchain Network

Voon Hou Su, Sourav Sen Gupta and Arijit Khan

iLFQA: A Platform for Efficient and Accurate Long-Form Question Answering

Rhys Butler, Vishnu Duggirala and Farnoush Banaei-Kashani

An Interactive Knowledge Graph Based Platform for COVID-19 Clinical Research

Juntao Su, Edward Dougherty, Shuang Jiang and Fang Jin

Personalized Information Retrieval for Touristic Attractions in Augmented Reality

Saikishore Kalloori

Quality Assurance of a German COVID-19 Question Answering Systems using Component-based Microbenchmarking

Andreas Both, Paul Heinze, Aleksandr Perevalov, Johannes Richard Bartsch, Rostislav Iudin, Johannes Rudolf Herkner, Tim Schrader, Jonas Wunsch, René Gürth and Ann Kristin Falkenhain

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