Wednesday, February 23rd

Crowd_Frame: a Simple and Complete Framework to Deploy Complex Crowdsourcing Tasks Off-the-shelf

Michael Soprano, Kevin Roitero, Francesco Bombassei De Bona and Stefano Mizzaro

Web Search via an Efficient and Effective Brain-Machine Interface

Xuesong Chen, Ziyi Ye, Xiaohui Xie, Yiqun Liu, Weihang Su, Shuqi Zhu, Min Zhang and Shaoping Ma

Aligning the Research and Practice of Building Search Applications: Elasticsearch and Pyserini

Josh Devins, Julie Tibshirani and Jimmy Lin

a^2RegInf: An Interactive System for Maximizing Influence within Arbitrary Number of Arbitrary Shaped Query Regions

Hui Li, Qiting Yang and Jiangtao Cui

Building Multi-turn Query Interpreters for E-commercial Chatbots with Sparse-to-dense Attentive Modeling

Yan Fan, Chengyu Wang, Peng He and Yunhua Hu

Fair-SRS: A Fair Session-based Recommendation System

Naime Ranjbar Kermany, Jian Yang, Jia Wu and Luiz Pizzato

RGRecSys: A Toolkit for Robustness Evaluation of Recommender Systems

Zohreh Ovaisi, Shelby Heinecke, Jia Li, Yongfeng Zhang, Elena Zheleva and Caiming Xiong

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