Doctoral Consortium

WSDM 2015 Doctoral Consortium will be held on Monday February 2. Doctoral students will present research proposals and make discussions with their mentors.


Terrace Room 2 (3F)

Monday, Feb 2
9:00AM–09:10AM Welcome and introduction
9:10AM–10:40AM Student presentations (30 min each)
10:40AM–11:00AM Coffee break
11:00AM–12:30AM Student presentations (30 min each)
12:30AM–2:00PM Lunch
2:00PM–3:30PM 1-1 meetings with mentors (45 minutes for each mentor-student pair)
3:30PM–4:00PM Coffee break
4:00PM–5:15PM Panel discussions on research and career for PhD students

  • Panelists: all mentors
  • Open for all WSDM’15 student participants
5:15PM–5:30PM Wrap up


  • Paul Hsu (Microsoft Research)
  • Panagiotis Papadimitriou (Stanford University)
  • Maarten de Rijke (University of Amsterdam)
  • Kuansan Wang (Microsoft)
  • Grace Hui Yang (Georgetown University)

Accepted Proposals

  1. Ekaterina Chernyak, An approach to the problem of annotation of research publications
  2. Zhuoren Jiang, Chronological Scientific Information Recommendation via Supervised Dynamic Topic Modeling
  3. Mark Kibanov, Mining Groups Stability in Ubiquitous and Social Environments: Communities, Classes, Clusters
  4. Rishabh Mehrotra, User Modeling for Personalization: Terms, Tasks & Beyond
  5. Duyu Tang, Sentiment-Specific Representation Learning for Document-Level Sentiment Analysis
  6. Yongfeng Zhang, Incorporating Phrase-level Sentiment Analysis on Textual Reviews for Personalized Recommendation

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