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Crowne Plaza Fudan Shanghai is close to Wujiaochang (literally Five-angle District) and Daxue Road (literally University Road), where there are many shops, cafés and wonderful restaurants.

With five roads converging into a star-shaped cluster, Wujiaochang is a prosperous sub-center of the city, full of large shopping malls such as Wanda Plaza, Bai Lian You Yi Cheng and Walmart. There are especially some widely-recommended Chinese food restaurants, including Tsui Wah Restaurant, Wai Po Jia and Wang Xiang Yuan, which must be appealing to those who would like to try authentic Chinese cuisines.

Daxue Road, however, is the right place for foreign visitors seeking international cuisines around Fudan University. In addition to the beautiful street scenes, visitors can enjoy a decent full course meal in a country-featured style, while the average price is usually a little bit higher than that in Chinese food restaurants. More information on Daxue Road can be reached through this webpage and this webpage from Shanghai WOW.

Listed below are some of the restaurants on Daxue Road and Wujiaochang, recommended by TripAdvisor, Shanghai WOW and a local review website Dianping.

Comprehensive Western

MYLK Italian: Serving decent Italian food in a homelike atmosphere.

AGOGO Kitchen & Bar: An amazing restaurant in western-American style.

Pu & Rosemary: A fantastic restaurant in Mediterranean style.

West Dyke Steak: A popular restaurant in Wujiaochang.

Asian Cuisine

Tairyo Japanese Restaurant: A traditional Japanese buffet.

Kadomatsu Japanese Izakaya

Guangzhou Banana Leaf: Mainly serves Southeast Asian cuisines.

Ta Ding Thailand Fashion Restaurant

Chinese Cuisine

Tsui Wah Restaurant, Xin Wang Restaurant: Both serve Cantonese cuisines.

Wai Po Jia: A famous restaurant for local cuisine lovers.

Wang Xiang Yuan: A good restaurant providing spicy food of Hunan and Sichuan cuisines.



国定路 大学路
从复旦皇冠酒店出发,沿邯郸路东行约6分钟,即可到达国定路(南北走向)。沿国定路向南走,可到达三号湾美食广场。 沿国定路向北走,穿过政通路,可到达大学路(东西走向)。大学路以充满异域情调的西餐厅和咖啡馆而著称,提供各类国际菜品、咖啡及甜点。(地图)

五角场因其处在五条发散型大道的中心交汇处而得名。位于邯郸路终点的下沉式广场是五角场商圈的地标之一,亦是通向五角场各个路段的交通枢纽。经由地下通道,可前往万达广场、百联又一城、巴黎春天、沃尔玛等购物商厦以及品种繁多的中西式餐厅。 步行:沿邯郸路东行,穿过国定路,即可到达五角场商圈。(地图) 公交:在邯郸路南侧的公交站台(复旦正门对面)乘坐942/168路,于“五角场(邯郸路)”站下车,对面即五角场商圈。

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