Call for bids to host WSDM 2022


The WSDM Steering Committee hereby invites proposals to host the annual WSDM Conference in 2022 (scheduled to be held in North America). The conference should typically take place in February, but does have some flexibility. The number of attendees to a WSDM conference is likely to fall in the range of 400-600.

WSDM (pronounced "wisdom") is one of the premier conferences on web-inspired research involving search and data mining. Proposals for hosting WSDM 2022 should include information on the following items. If you do not have all the information, please provide as much as possible.

According to the rotation pattern of WSDM conferences, WSDM 2022 is expected to be held in North America. Under exceptional circumstances, the steering committee may consider proposals out of the regional rotation order. A proposal not selected in 2022 may be considered for a conference in the near future.

Anyone interested is strongly encouraged to contact the steering committee early for more information and discussion. Please send formal proposals electronically to the WSDM Steering Committee Chair: Jian Pei ( by July 1.

The steering committee members are: