Accepted Demonstrations

Athena: A Ranking Enabled Scholarly Search System

Junfeng Liu, Shuai Ma, Renjun Hu, Chunming Hu, Jinpeng Huai (Beihang University, China).

Capreolus: A Toolkit for End-to-End Neural Ad Hoc Retrieval

Andrew Yates (Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany); Siddhant Arora (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India); Xinyu Zhang, Wei Yang (University of Waterloo, Canada); Kevin Martin Jose (Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany); Jimmy Lin (University of Waterloo, Canada).

Entities with Quantities: Extraction, Search, and Ranking

Vinh Thinh Ho, Koninika Pal, Niko Kleer, Klaus Berberich, Gerhard Weikum (Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany).

FAQAugmenter: Suggesting Questions for Enterprise FAQ Pages

Ankush Chatterjee, Manish Gupta, Puneet Agrawal (Microsoft AI Research, India).

OpenNIR: A Complete Neural Ad-Hoc Ranking Pipeline

Sean MacAvaney (Georgetown University, United States).

Personality2vec: Enabling the Analysis of Behavioral Disorders in Social Networks

Amin Beheshti, Vahid Moraveji Hashemi, Shahpar Yakhchi (Macquarie University, Australia); Hamid Reza Motahari-Nezhad (EY AI Lab, United States); Seyed Mohssen Ghafari, Jian Yang (Macquarie University, Australia).

Illustrate Your Story: Enriching Text with Images

Sreyasi Nag Chowdhury (Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany); William Cheng (Rutgers University, United States); Gerard de Melo (Rutgers University, United States); Simon Razniewski, Gerhard Weikum (Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany).

SPread: Automated Financial Metric Extraction and Spreading Tool from Earnings Reports

Armineh Nourbakhsh (S&P Global, United States); Mohammad Ghassemi (Michigan State University, United States); Steven Pomerville (S&P Global, United States).

VISION-KG: Topic-centric Visualization System for Summarizing Knowledge Graph

Jiaqi Wei, Shuo Han, Lei Zou (Peking University, China).

WebShapes: Network Visualization with 3D Shapes

Shengmin Jin (Syracuse University, United States); Richard Wituszynski (West Genesee High School, United States); Max Caiello-Gingold (Corcoran High School, United States); Reza Zafarani (Syracuse University, United States).


Demonstrations Chairs

Julian McAuley University of California, San Diego
Vanessa Murdock Amazon

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