Accepted Doctoral Consortium Papers

Monday 11th, 9:00-3:00, Room 107

Bridging Models for Popularity Prediction on Social Media.

Swapnil Mishra (Australian National University, Australia).

Comparative Summarisation of Rich Media Collections.

Umanga Bista (Australian National University, Australia).

Designing the Cogno-Web Observatory: To Characterize the Dynamics of Online Social Cognition.

Raksha Pavagada Subbanarasimha (IIIT Bangalore, India).

How is Attention Allocated? Data-Driven Studies of Popularity and Engagement in Online Videos.

Siqi Wu (Australian National University, Australia).

Linking Epidemic Models and Hawkes Point Processes for Modeling Information Diffusion.

Quyu Kong (Australian National University, Australia).

Listwise vs Pagewise: Towards Better Ranking Strategies for Heterogeneous Search Results.

Junqi Zhang (Tsinghua University, China).

Overlapping Community Detection in Static and Dynamic Social Networks.

Renny Márquez (Universidad de Chile, Chile).

Preference Elicitation Strategy for Conversational Recommender System.

Bilih Priyogi (RMIT University, Australia).

User Behavior Modeling for Web Image Search.

Xiaohui Xie (Tsinghua University, China).

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