The 9th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining

San Francisco, California, USA. February 22-25, 2016.

WSDM '16- Proceedings of the Ninth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining

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SESSION: Keynote Address

Large-Scale Deep Learning For Building Intelligent Computer Systems

  • Jeffrey Dean

SESSION: Communities and Social Interaction

  • B. Aditya Prakash

Who Will Reply to/Retweet This Tweet?: The Dynamics of Intimacy from Online Social Interactions

  • Nicholas Jing Yuan
  • Yuan Zhong
  • Fuzheng Zhang
  • Xing Xie
  • Chin-Yew Lin
  • Yong Rui

Cross-modality Consistent Regression for Joint Visual-Textual Sentiment Analysis of Social Multimedia

  • Quanzeng You
  • Jiebo Luo
  • Hailin Jin
  • Jianchao Yang

How Relevant is the Irrelevant Data: Leveraging the Tagging Data for a Learning-to-Rank Model

  • Noor Ifada
  • Richi Nayak

Quantifying Controversy in Social Media

  • Kiran Garimella
  • Gianmarco De Francisci Morales
  • Aristides Gionis
  • Michael Mathioudakis

Understanding and Identifying Advocates for Political Campaigns on Social Media

  • Suhas Ranganath
  • Xia Hu
  • Jiliang Tang
  • Huan Liu

Exploiting New Sentiment-Based Meta-level Features for Effective Sentiment Analysis

  • Sérgio Canuto
  • Marcos André Gonçalves
  • Fabrício Benevenuto

Mobile App Tagging

  • Ning Chen
  • Steven C.H. Hoi
  • Shaohua Li
  • Xiaokui Xiao

CCCF: Improving Collaborative Filtering via Scalable User-Item Co-Clustering

  • Yao Wu
  • Xudong Liu
  • Min Xie
  • Martin Ester
  • Qing Yang

On the Efficiency of the Information Networks in Social Media

  • Mahmoudreza Babaei
  • Przemyslaw Grabowicz
  • Isabel Valera
  • Krishna P. Gummadi
  • Manuel Gomez-Rodriguez

Modeling and Predicting Learning Behavior in MOOCs

  • Jiezhong Qiu
  • Jie Tang
  • Tracy Xiao Liu
  • Jie Gong
  • Chenhui Zhang
  • Qian Zhang
  • Yufei Xue

SESSION: Search and Semantics

  • Vanessa Murdock

Beyond Ranking: Optimizing Whole-Page Presentation

  • Yue Wang
  • Dawei Yin
  • Luo Jie
  • Pengyuan Wang
  • Makoto Yamada
  • Yi Chang
  • Qiaozhu Mei

Understanding User Attention and Engagement in Online News Reading

  • Dmitry Lagun
  • Mounia Lalmas

Publication Date Prediction through Reverse Engineering of the Web

  • Liudmila Ostroumova Prokhorenkova
  • Petr Prokhorenkov
  • Egor Samosvat
  • Pavel Serdyukov

To Suggest, or Not to Suggest for Queries with Diverse Intents: Optimizing Search Result Presentation

  • Makoto P. Kato
  • Katsumi Tanaka

Term-by-Term Query Auto-Completion for Mobile Search

  • Saúl Vargas
  • Roi Blanco
  • Peter Mika

Collaborative Denoising Auto-Encoders for Top-N Recommender Systems

  • Yao Wu
  • Christopher DuBois
  • Alice X. Zheng
  • Martin Ester

Personalized PageRank Estimation and Search: A Bidirectional Approach

  • Peter Lofgren
  • Siddhartha Banerjee
  • Ashish Goel

Your Cart tells You: Inferring Demographic Attributes from Purchase Data

  • Pengfei Wang
  • Jiafeng Guo
  • Yanyan Lan
  • Jun Xu
  • Xueqi Cheng

Reducing Click and Skip Errors in Search Result Ranking

  • Jiepu Jiang
  • James Allan

Hierarchical Semi-supervised Classification with Incomplete Class Hierarchies

  • Bhavana Dalvi
  • Aditya Mishra
  • William W. Cohen

SESSION: Practice & Experience Track

  • Mounia Lalmas

Is Mail The Next Frontier In Search And Data Mining?

  • Yoelle Maarek

SESSION: Observing Users

  • Mounia Lalmas

Portrait of an Online Shopper: Understanding and Predicting Consumer Behavior

  • Farshad Kooti
  • Kristina Lerman
  • Luca Maria Aiello
  • Mihajlo Grbovic
  • Nemanja Djuric
  • Vladan Radosavljevic

Evolution of Privacy Loss in Wikipedia

  • Marian-Andrei Rizoiu
  • Lexing Xie
  • Tiberio Caetano
  • Manuel Cebrian

SESSION: Keynote Address

Keynote Speaker Bio

  • Yiling Chen

SESSION: Leveraging Users

  • Yoelle Maarek

Modeling Intransitivity in Matchup and Comparison Data

  • Shuo Chen
  • Thorsten Joachims

Crowdsourcing High Quality Labels with a Tight Budget

  • Qi Li
  • Fenglong Ma
  • Jing Gao
  • Lu Su
  • Christopher J. Quinn

Project Success Prediction in Crowdfunding Environments

  • Yan Li
  • Vineeth Rakesh
  • Chandan K. Reddy

Probabilistic Group Recommendation Model for Crowdfunding Domains

  • Vineeth Rakesh
  • Wang-Chien Lee
  • Chandan K. Reddy

Quality Management in Crowdsourcing using Gold Judges Behavior

  • Gabriella Kazai
  • Imed Zitouni

On Obtaining Effort Based Judgements for Information Retrieval

  • Manisha Verma
  • Emine Yilmaz
  • Nick Craswell

A Semantic Graph based Topic Model for Question Retrieval in Community Question Answering

  • Long Chen
  • Joemon M. Jose
  • Haitao Yu
  • Fajie Yuan
  • Dell Zhang

Modeling Check-in Preferences with Multidimensional Knowledge: A Minimax Entropy Approach

  • Jingjing Wang
  • Min Li
  • Jiawei Han
  • Xiaolong Wang

You've got Mail, and Here is What you Could do With It!: Analyzing and Predicting Actions on Email Messages

  • Dotan Di Castro
  • Zohar Karnin
  • Liane Lewin-Eytan
  • Yoelle Maarek

Hierarchical Label Propagation and Discovery for Machine Generated Email

  • James B. Wendt
  • Michael Bendersky
  • Lluis Garcia-Pueyo
  • Vanja Josifovski
  • Balint Miklos
  • Ivo Krka
  • Amitabh Saikia
  • Jie Yang
  • Marc-Allen Cartright
  • Sujith Ravi

Enforcing k-anonymity in Web Mail Auditing

  • Dotan Di Castro
  • Liane Lewin-Eytan
  • Yoelle Maarek
  • Ran Wolff
  • Eyal Zohar

An Information-Theoretic Approach to Individual Sequential Data Sanitization

  • Luca Bonomi
  • Liyue Fan
  • Hongxia Jin

Improving IP Geolocation using Query Logs

  • Ovidiu Dan
  • Vaibhav Parikh
  • Brian D. Davison

Geographic Segmentation via Latent Poisson Factor Model

  • Rose Yu
  • Andrew Gelfand
  • Suju Rajan
  • Cyrus Shahabi
  • Yan Liu

SESSION: Big Data Algorithms

  • Ronny Lempel

Scaling up Link Prediction with Ensembles

  • Liang Duan
  • Charu Aggarwal
  • Shuai Ma
  • Renjun Hu
  • Jinpeng Huai

DiFacto: Distributed Factorization Machines

  • Mu Li
  • Ziqi Liu
  • Alexander J. Smola
  • Yu-Xiang Wang

Distributed Balanced Partitioning via Linear Embedding

  • Kevin Aydin
  • MohammadHossein Bateni
  • Vahab Mirrokni

Kangaroo: Workload-Aware Processing of Range Data and Range Queries in Hadoop

  • Ahmed M. Aly
  • Hazem Elmeleegy
  • Yan Qi
  • Walid Aref

Feedback Control of Real-Time Display Advertising

  • Weinan Zhang
  • Yifei Rong
  • Jun Wang
  • Tianchi Zhu
  • Xiaofan Wang

Multi-Score Position Auctions

  • Denis Charles
  • Nikhil R. Devanur
  • Balasubramanian Sivan

Multi-view Machines

  • Bokai Cao
  • Hucheng Zhou
  • Guoqiang Li
  • Philip S. Yu

Transductive Classification on Heterogeneous Information Networks with Edge Betweenness-based Normalization

  • Phiradet Bangcharoensap
  • Tsuyoshi Murata
  • Hayato Kobayashi
  • Nobuyuki Shimizu

The Troll-Trust Model for Ranking in Signed Networks

  • Zhaoming Wu
  • Charu C. Aggarwal
  • Jimeng Sun

Multileave Gradient Descent for Fast Online Learning to Rank

  • Anne Schuth
  • Harrie Oosterhuis
  • Shimon Whiteson
  • Maarten de Rijke

SESSION: Practice & Experience Track

  • Marc Najork

AMiner: Toward Understanding Big Scholar Data

  • Jie Tang

Serving a Billion Personalized News Feeds

  • Lars Backstrom

SESSION: Keynote Address

The Predictive Power of Massive Data about our Fine-Grained Behavior

  • Foster Provost

SESSION: Social Networks

  • Charles Clarke

Information Evolution in Social Networks

  • Lada A. Adamic
  • Thomas M. Lento
  • Eytan Adar
  • Pauline C. Ng

Nonlinear Laplacian for Digraphs and its Applications to Network Analysis

  • Yuichi Yoshida

Querying and Tracking Influencers in Social Streams

  • Karthik Subbian
  • Charu C. Aggarwal
  • Jaideep Srivastava

Centrality-Aware Link Recommendations

  • Nikos Parotsidis
  • Evaggelia Pitoura
  • Panayiotis Tsaparas

Relational Learning with Social Status Analysis

  • Liang Wu
  • Xia Hu
  • Huan Liu

Equality and Social Mobility in Twitter Discussion Groups

  • Katherine Ellis
  • Moises Goldszmidt
  • Gert Lanckriet
  • Nina Mishra
  • Omer Reingold

Learning Distributed Representations of Data in Community Question Answering for Question Retrieval

  • Kai Zhang
  • Wei Wu
  • Fang Wang
  • Ming Zhou
  • Zhoujun Li

Inferring Latent Triggers of Purchases with Consideration of Social Effects and Media Advertisements

  • Yusuke Tanaka
  • Takeshi Kurashima
  • Yasuhiro Fujiwara
  • Tomoharu Iwata
  • Hiroshi Sawada

Towards Modelling Language Innovation Acceptance in Online Social Networks

  • Daniel Kershaw
  • Matthew Rowe
  • Patrick Stacey

Discriminative Learning of Infection Models

  • Nir Rosenfeld
  • Mor Nitzan
  • Amir Globerson

Representation Learning for Information Diffusion through Social Networks: an Embedded Cascade Model

  • Simon Bourigault
  • Sylvain Lamprier
  • Patrick Gallinari

Ensemble Models for Data-driven Prediction of Malware Infections

  • Chanhyun Kang
  • Noseong Park
  • B. Aditya Prakash
  • Edoardo Serra
  • V. S. Subrahmanian

SESSION: Entities and Structure

  • Lada Adamic

WSDM Cup 2016: Entity Ranking Challenge

  • Alex D. Wade
  • Kuansan Wang
  • Yizhou Sun
  • Antonio Gulli

Dynamic Collective Entity Representations for Entity Ranking

  • David Graus
  • Manos Tsagkias
  • Wouter Weerkamp
  • Edgar Meij
  • Maarten de Rijke

Relationship Queries on Extended Knowledge Graphs

  • Mohamed Yahya
  • Denilson Barbosa
  • Klaus Berberich
  • Qiuyue Wang
  • Gerhard Weikum

Improving Website Hyperlink Structure Using Server Logs

  • Ashwin Paranjape
  • Robert West
  • Leila Zia
  • Jure Leskovec

Long-tail Vocabulary Dictionary Extraction from the Web

  • Zhe Chen
  • Michael Cafarella
  • H. V. Jagadish

Semantic Documents Relatedness using Concept Graph Representation

  • Yuan Ni
  • Qiong Kai Xu
  • Feng Cao
  • Yosi Mass
  • Dafna Sheinwald
  • Hui Jia Zhu
  • Shao Sheng Cao

EgoSet: Exploiting Word Ego-networks and User-generated Ontology for Multifaceted Set Expansion

  • Xin Rong
  • Zhe Chen
  • Qiaozhu Mei
  • Eytan Adar

Extracting Search Query Patterns via the Pairwise Coupled Topic Model

  • Takuya Konishi
  • Takuya Ohwa
  • Sumio Fujita
  • Kazushi Ikeda
  • Kohei Hayashi

SESSION: Practice & Experience Track

  • Brian Davison

The Past and Future of Systems for Current Events

  • Mor Naaman

SESSION: Social Events

  • Brian Davison

Barbara Made the News: Mining the Behavior of Crowds for Time-Aware Learning to Rank

  • Flavio Martins
  • João Magalhes
  • Jamie Callan

Wiggins: Detecting Valuable Information in Dynamic Networks Using Limited Resources

  • Ahmad Mahmoody
  • Matteo Riondato
  • Eli Upfal


Understanding Offline Political Systems by Mining Online Political Data

  • David Lazer
  • Oren Tsur
  • Tina Eliassi-Rad

Click Models for Web Search and their Applications to IR: WSDM 2016 Tutorial

  • Aleksandr Chuklin
  • Ilya Markov
  • Maarten de Rijke

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop Summaries

Query Understanding for Search on All Devices at WSDM 2016

  • Amit Goyal
  • Jianfeng Gao
  • Hongbo Deng
  • Yi Chang

TargetAd2016: 2nd International Workshop on Ad Targeting at Scale

  • Mihajlo Grbovic
  • Nemanja Djuric
  • Vladan Radosavljevic

WSDM 2016 Workshop on the Ethics of Online Experimentation

  • Fernando Diaz
  • Solon Barocas

Second Workshop on Search and Exploration of X-Rated Information (SEXI'16): WSDM Workshop Summary

  • Vanessa Murdock
  • Charles L.A. Clarke
  • Jaap Kamps
  • Jussi Karlgren

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Mining Complaints to Improve a Product: a Study about Problem Phrase Extraction from User Reviews

  • Elena Tutubalina

Web-scale Multimedia Search for Internet Video Content

  • Lu Jiang

Affective Computing of Image Emotion Perceptions

  • Sicheng Zhao

Event Search and Analytics: Detecting Events in Semantically Annotated Corpora for Search & Analytics

  • Dhruv Gupta

Understanding Diffusion Processes: Inference and Theory

  • Xinran He

E-commerce Product Recommendation by Personalized Promotion and Total Surplus Maximization

  • Qi Zhao

Detecting Social Media Icebergs by Their Tips: Rumors, Persuasion Campaigns, and Information Needs

  • Zhe Zhao

User Modeling in Large Social Networks

  • Yuxiao Dong

Feature Generation and Selection on the Heterogeneous Graph for Music Recommendation

  • Chun Guo

Temporal Formation and Evolution of Online Communities

  • Hossein Fani

Mining the Web for Intelligent Problem Solving for Programmers

  • Xin Rong

Optimizing Search Interactions within Professional Social Networks

  • Nikita V. Spirin