Industry Day

08.30am - 09.15am: Invited Talk by Steven Hoi, VP & Managing Director of Salesforce Research Asia


09.15am - 10.00am: Panel Session on “Responsible AI in Industrial Setting”

  • Chair: Steven Miller, Emeritus Professor of Information Systems at Singapore Management University
  • Steven Hoi, VP & Managing Director of Salesforce Research Asia
  • Andrew Tomkins, Director of Engineering in Research at Google
  • Hong Cao, Director Technology Consulting at EY

10.00am - 10.30am: Coffee Break

10.30am - 12.00pm: Industry Talks Session #1

Simulating Humans at Scale to Evaluate Voice Interfaces for TVs: the Round-Trip System at Comcast

Breck Baldwin, Lauren Reese, Liming Zhang, Jan Neumann, Michael Pereira, Craig Murray, Eric Flores, Kishorekumar SundaraRajan, Yidnekachew Endale, Pramod Kadagattor, Paul Wolfe, Brian Aiken, Tony Braskich, Alice Somers, Donte Jiggetts, Adam Sloan, Esther Vaturi, Crystal Pender Ferhan Ture (Comcast Applied AI)

Under the Hood of Social Media Advertising: How Do We Use AI Responsibly for Advertising Targeting and Creative Evaluation

Aleksandr Farseev (, ITMO University)

An Open-Source Suite of Causal AI Tools and Libraries

Emre Kiciman (Microsoft Research)

12.00pm - 01.30pm: Lunch

01.30pm - 03.00pm: Industry Talks Session #2

Compliance Analyses of Australia’s Online Household Appliances

Chang How Tan (Monash University), Vincent Cs Lee (Monash University), Jessie Nghiem (Energy Safe Victoria) and Priya Laxman (Energy Safe Victoria)

Considerations for Ethical Speech Recognition Datasets

Orestis Papakyriakopoulos and Alice Xiang (Sony AI)

Incorporating fairness in large scale NLU systems

Rahul Gupta, Lisa Bauer, Kai-Wei Chang, Jwala Dhamala, Avni Fein, Aram Galstyan, Palash Goyal, Qian Hu, Prem Natarajan, Rohit Parimi, Charith Peris, Apurv Verma and Richard Zemel (Amazon)

03.00pm - 03.30pm: Coffee Break

03.30pm - 05.00pm: Industry Talks Session #3

Privacy in the time of Language Models

Charith Peris, Christophe Dupuy, Jimit Majmudar, Rahil Parikh, Sami Smaili, Richard Zemel and Rahul Gupta (Amazon)

Learning to Infer Product Attribute Values From Descriptive Texts and Images

Pablo Montalvo and Aghiles Salah (Rakuten Group, Inc.)

Recent Advances on Deep Learning based Knowledge Tracing

Zitao Liu, Jiahao Chen and Weiqi Luo (TAL Education Group)

Steven Hoi

Steven Hoi

VP & Managing Director of Salesforce Research Asia

Title: Responsible AI for Trusted AI-powered Enterprise Platforms

Abstract: In this talk I am going to discuss responsible AI in the industry settings for building trusted AI-powered enterprise cloud platforms. With the increasing adoption of AI technologies in a wide range of applications, responsible AI has attracted increasing attention in both academia and industries. I will discuss the responsible AI work and efforts from research principles to industry practices. I will share some case studies at Salesforce and also recent trends in AI where opportunities and risks call for needs of joint responsible AI efforts from both academia, industries and governments. 

Bio: Dr Hoi is currently Managing Director of Salesforce Research Asia and VP of AI Research at Salesforce and oversees Salesforce’s AI research and innovation in APAC. He has been a tenured professor for 15 years at two Singapore universities, including full professor (on leave) at SMU and formerly Associate Professor at NTU. He has worked in machine learning and AI for 20+ years and published 250+ papers. He had served as the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of Neurocomputing, and Associate Editor (AE) for several top AI journals, Area Chair and Senior PC for many top conferences. He was elevated to IEEE Fellow (2019) and named as ACM Distinguished Member (2019) for his significant contributions to the AI and computing fields.