Improving Text Generation via Neural Discourse Planning 

Alexander Chernyavskiy, National Research University Higher School of Economics 

Robust Graph Learning for Misbehavior Detection

Yingtong Dou, University of Illinois Chicago 

Graph Neural Networks and its Applications, with a Focus on Node Clustering in Signed and Directed Networks 

Yixuan He, University of Oxford 

Towards Practical Robustness Evaluation and Robustness Enhancing 

Yaxin Li, Michigan State University 

Trustworthy Machine Learning  

Haochen Liu, Michigan State University 

Defense Against Reconstruction Attack in Deep Learning 

Yuxuan Wan, Michigan State University 

Obtaining Robust Models from Imbalanced Data 

Wentao Wang, Michigan State University 

Towards Fair Graph Representation Learning Amidst Biased and Imbalanced Data

Yu Wang, Vanderbilt University 

Bias of Adversarial Defenses

Han Xu, Michigan State University